Madison County, Ky., adds e-cigarettes to smoking ban

electronic cigarette RICHMOND, Ky. — Officials in a Central Kentucky county have voted to add electronic cigarettes to its smoking ban.

Madison County banned smoking in indoor public places like restaurants, bars and workplaces in 2007. The county’s Board of Health voted 8-1 Wednesday night to include electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, in the ban.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge, creating vapor that the smoker inhales. Producers market the e-cigarettes as a smoking-cessation aid and as a way around smoke-free policies.

The cities of Bardstown and Glasgow have also voted to prohibit e-cigarettes. Louisville’s and Lexington’s smoke-free ordinances do not include e-cigarettes.


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