Little calls for refund of tobacco fee


State Sen. Elizabeth Little, R-Queensbury, on Thursday, called for the state Department of Taxation and Finance to immediately refund payments for an increased license fee for businesses that sellcamel cigarette.

A state Supreme Court judge last week issued a temporary restraining order against collecting the increased fee, but at least one business owner had already paid it, Little said in a press release.

The injunction is in response to a lawsuit brought by a group of Long Island retail organizations.

“I am pleased by the judge’s decision, but have already heard from a small business owner who paid the higher amount and requested my help from getting his money back from the state,” Little said.

“He’s probably not alone, so I have written a letter to the state tax department urging them, in light of the restraining order, to return any overpayments.”

A provision in the state budget increased the annual license fee from $100 for all businesses to a sliding scale of $1,000 to $5,000, depending on gross revenue of the business.

Little said she voted against the fee increase in the Senate.


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