Lisle shops pass test on underage tobacco sales

Lisle police announced Tuesday that businesses within the village licensed to sell tobacco are in compliance regarding the sale of those products to minors.

On Monday, police, with the aid of a number of underage volunteers, visited 27 licensed establishments in the village and found there were no attempts to sell tobacco to the teens.

Police public information officer Randall Johnson said the program is conducted three times a year through a grant from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s “Kids Can’t Buy ‘Em Here” Tobacco Enforcement Program.

“We are pleased to announce that we reached our goal of 100 percent compliance and none of the clerks in any of the businesses sold cigarettes to the minors,” Johnson said. “In the past, we have recruited kids from the local high school and there are also officers here that have children of their own that are minors. We have kids sign waivers and accompany them to the various locations and make sure they are kept in sight all the time and are safe.”

Johnson said the compliance checks are conducted three times each year to confirm that tobacco license holders are complying with the laws that prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors. The Lisle Police Department has also been educating tobacco retailers on tobacco laws and the importance of verifying the age of their customers.

The enforcement process, Johnson said, is not a sting operation.

“We don’t recruit kids that look like they are 21 in order to tempt someone,” he said. “These are just normal kids and we want stores to ask for some identification.”

Johnson said Lisle actually has 31 licensed tobacco sellers and that four remain unchecked due to being closed for Presidents Day on Monday or because the enforcement team arrived after the close of business.

During the three enforcement checks conducted during the past year, only one store was not in compliance and was issued a citation for an ordinance violation.


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