Lindsay Lohan’s Stripper Pole Shoot On ‘Double Exposure’

Lindsay Lohan

Here is what happened when Lindsay Lohan finally arrived, 11 hours late, to her photo shoot on Bravo’s reality show ‘Double Exposure.’ Lindsay showed up close to midnight smoking a parliament cigarette, cursing and making faces at the dirty stripper pole.

“I literally need to think of myself as a wildlife photographer.. There’s almost a danger element to her presence,” said a photographer. “You never know what’s gonna happen in the next two and a half seconds. Is she gonna bite you?

Lindsay claimed that she was given the wrong call time and Bravo set her up to arrive late for drama, but Bravo sources disagree.

Here is the end result of the shoot, an ad campaign for Lindsay’s leggings line 6126. The line is named for Marilyn Monroe’s birthday and supposed to evoke her brand of elegant glamor.



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