Letters to the Editor Mike and Joel must go

To The Editor:
Re “A new equity and transparency in school admis-sions” (talking point, by Joel Klein, May 6):

I for one am tired of Joel Klein and tired of the Department of Education. I am tired of the lack of communication and transparency, and I am tired of the skewed numbers that are used to try to make D.O.E. look good. I am tired of the blocking and the “cannot do” attitude. This has been going on for years.

What passes for a Department of Education is in essence a business model that has failed in the company of other failures like AIG and Lehman. It is the result of bad management, incompetence and a general disinterest in children.

At the head of the failure is Mike Bloomberg, who with his rhetoric of “the buck stops with me,” has taken no ownership for the overcrowding and insufficient budgets and planning of D.O.E. Instead, he has padded the pockets of his cronies in real estate, making billions while ignoring the very clear urban planning issues that have caused this inexcusable mess.

I think it’s time for change, Obama style. And it needs to begin with Joel Klein and Mike Bloomberg. Mr. Bloomberg will most likely be able, with his billions of dollars, to buy the next election. But that is not the case for our other elected officials. The parents of New York City have a lot of power at the polls. And if we band together, as has happened in the past few weeks, I believe we can bring real change to what stinks about D.O.E. For starters, if our elected officials cannot — or choose not to — overturn mayoral control of the schools, then I for one will vote for the ones who will. D.O.E., Joel Klein and Mike Bloomberg are out of time.

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