KIRKWOOD: Council allows voters to decide smoking ban issue

Kirkwood voters will get to decide in November whether they want to ban smoking in public places within the city limits.

City Council members voted unanimously at their meeting Thursday to reject smoking ban legislation proposed by an anti-smoking group and allow voters to decide whether they want the ban.

Council members have until Aug. 25 to officially adopt legislation placing the smoking ban question on the November ballot.

Residents on both sides of the issue were at the council meeting in an attempt to persuade council members to their view. Supporters want the ban because of the health risks associated with smoking; opponents say a smoking ban would hurt businesses such as restaurants and bars.

Smoking ban supporters collected more than 1,000 signatures on a petition that asked council members to ban smoking at indoor public places. Some exceptions, including cigarettes online buy stores and a percentage of designated hotel rooms, would have been allowed.

Choose Kirkwood, an opposing group, asked council members to consider an alternative that would have required business owners to post signs informing customers whether smoking was allowed or restricted at their establishment.

The proposed Kirkwood smoking ban is similar to one adopted by the Clayton Board of Aldermen earlier this week.

Clayton is the second of St. Louis County’s 91 cities to adopt a smoking ban. Wildwood is considering a similar measure.

Other cities have adopted resolutions in support for a countywide or statewide ban but stopped short of enacting citywide bans.


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