Jury deliberating in police brutality case

A prosecutor said Thursday that New York jurors should focus on the abuse suffered by an alleged victim of police brutality.

The New York Times said ahead of jury deliberations in a New York criminal case, prosecutor Charles Guria attempted to show how easily a police officer could have sodomized Michael Mineo in a 2008 incident at a New York subway station.

“It doesn’t take very long,” Guria said while repeatedly gesturing with a police baton for the jury.

Mineo maintains on Oct. 15, 2008, he was sodomized with a police baton by officer Richard Kern. Kern is facing charges of assault and sexual abuse while officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales are charged with helping to cover up the alleged incident.

The alleged assault came as the officers were arresting Mineo for smoking marijuana.

Guria’s courtroom demonstration came after defense attorneys for the officers claimed there was not enough time for the alleged assault to have occurred.

The Times said Mineo filed a multimillion-dollar civil rights lawsuit against the city of New York in May over the alleged assault.

source: upi.com

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