Inmate allegedly breaks Whatcom jail window to smuggle in tobacco, marijuana

BELLINGHAM — An inmate in the Whatcom County Jail was charged Monday, April 11, for allegedly breaking out a window in his cell in March to smuggle in marijuana and tobacco.

Daniel J. Faix, 26, allegedly broke a 4-inch by 4-foot hole in the window, which is on the jail’s second floor 23 feet above ground.

He then fashioned bed sheets into a rope, which he used to bring the contraband into his cell, according to charging documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court.

An inmate told investigators he heard a window breaking in Faix’s cell on March 21; a deputy discovered it the morning of March 22. When searched, Faix had tobacco on him, according to the documents.

Sheriff Bill Elfo said the breach caused deputies to lock down the jail and search all the inmates and cells. He said no contraband aside from tobacco was found.

Investigators listened to phone calls Faix was making from the jail and determined that his brother, Nicholas Faix, 21, and Stephanie Wheatley, 23, of Bellingham were conspiring to smuggle in the contraband, according to the documents.

Wheatley and Daniel and Nicholas Faix have been charged with conspiracy to deliver marijuana.

Elfo said inmates have been able to use parts of the jail infrastructure to break out windows three times in the last year. An alarm system designed to notify deputies of broken windows hasn’t worked in 25 years, he said.


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