Indonesia stops cigarette export to U.S.

Indonesia has stopped the export of its clove cigarette to the United States following the ban imposed by U.S. agency on such a cigarette, local media reported here on Monday.

“There was totally no clove cigarette export to U.S. as of mid this year after sharp drop of clove cigarette export to U.S. since the ban was imposed in September last year,” Frans Rupang, a deputy at Indonesia’s customs office said.

According to Frans, the U.S. market takes more than half of Indonesia’s clove cigarette products with the remaining exports were destined to Arab countries.

The export of clove cigarette contributes 240 million U.S. dollars per year to Indonesia, Frans added.

“We fear that the U.S. ban on clove cigarette will be followed by other countries that have been importing that product. If that so, we could loose 240 million U.S. dollars worth of annual income, ” Frans was quoted as saying by the

Indonesia has filed in a complaint against the ban to the World Trade Organization (WTO), arguing that such a ban was a discriminative act to Indonesian products.

The clove cigarette was banned to be sold in U.S. for its particular smoke odor that risks non-smokers’ health, earlier reports said.


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