Harrison-Clarksburg Board of Health Reinstates Smoking Ban

The debate over Harrison County’s controversial 100 percent smoking ban is over.

The Harrison-Clarksburg Board of Health held a regular meeting Wednesday morning.

Board member Bernie Fazzini asked the board to consider another exemption to the ban, allowing owners of free-standing bars and video lottery establishments the right to choose to allow smoking.

Fazzini’s motion did not receive a second, and so it was not up for a vote.

Exemptions are already in place for hotels and motels, as well as specific areas of assisted living facilities, because the buildings serve as homes for the people there.

When Fazzini spoke to the board, he said he wanted to make it clear that he was not pro-smoking or anti-smoking. To him, the issue was a business decision.

Fazzini is concerned that when the ban goes into effect, business at video lottery parlors and free-standing bars, will decrease, because customers will travel to surrounding counties that allow smoking in the establishments.

Many of those that support the ban feel that business at the establishments will decrease at first, but will bounce back. Much of their support comes from the urge to protect those that work in a smoking environment.

The Clean Indoor Air Act will go into effect on June 1, which is 13 days after the meeting.

source: wboy.com

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