Group turns in petitions to get smoking ban on ballot in Kirkwood

KIRKWOOD — A group that wants the city to ban smoking in indoor public places on Friday gave officials petitions that would start an initiative process that could put the proposal on the ballot.

The petitions contain 1,258 signatures, said Mary Murphy-Overmann, president of Healthy Air for Kirkwood, sponsor of the initiative. Anti-smoking supporters needed 1,036 signatures to start the initiative process.

The petitions went to the St. Louis County Election Board for a check of the validity of signatures. The City Council would have 60 days to consider the proposal starting from the day officials declare the petitions valid. If the council rejects or fails to act on the initiative, voters would consider it in an election no earlier than 30 days after the last council action or more than 120 days. The group prefers to have an election in November.

With very few exceptions, the measure would allow smoking in private homes, private vehicles and outdoors. Among exceptions are 20 percent of hotel and motel rooms designated smoking rooms, private clubs established before March 1 and retail tobacco stores.


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