Georgia May Jagger reveals model manners

Georgia May Jagger surprises and delights fashion aficionados with her perfect manners.

While the daughters of rock royalty have a reputation for taking on their parents’ hell-raising antics, Georgia May Jagger is making a name for herself as the new darling of the catwalk with her polite charm.

Lady (Amanda) Harlech, muse to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, told me at a party at the Royal College of Art: “What struck me about Georgia May is that she is so well-mannered. I don’t know why that should be a surprise, but she is just so polite and a thoroughly charming young lady. She has so much to live up to when you consider just how huge her parents have been in their respective fields, but none of it has gone to her head.” Praise indeed.

Georgia May Jagger finds an influential fan in Lady Amanda Harlech.

Georgia May Jagger finds an influential fan in Lady Amanda Harlech.

Jilly Cooper’s amorous tale

When The One Show’s Christine Walkden visited Jilly Cooper, the queen of the bonkbuster novel, at her home in Gloucestershire little could she have imagined how the two of them would witness a real-life steamy romance.

“I looked around and my dog, William, was becoming rather affectionate with Willow, Christine’s chocolate labrador,” Cooper tells me. “I’m sure it won’t make it into the cut of the show, but it was very funny, especially as it happened just after Christine asked me where I got my raunchy ideas from.”

The show’s makers will have to decide how much – if anything at all – they show of William and Willow’s amorous encounter when the episode is screened later in the year to coincide with the release of Cooper’s new book, Jump.

“Christine’s little labrador was very seductive,” the delightful author chortles.

Sounds like inspiration for a canine bodice-ripper.

Iconic nightclub Tramp overcomes the smoking ban

In a costly move to overcome the smoking ban, the iconic Mayfair nightclub Tramp is installing an area for hardened nicotine addicts to spare them having to loiter outside the establishment. Kevin Doyle, the owner, tells me: “It is costing £1.8 million and has taken 18 months of negotiations with Westminster council, but it will be worth it.”

The Jermyn Street nightclub continues to play host to the likes of Paris Hilton and the Royal family, but has seen a shift in clientele since the ban in 2007. Brian Crawford, the club’s general manager, says: “To be honest, we lost a lot of our big players because of the ban. Sir Philip Green, to name one, loves to light up a cigar after dinner. All the young guests, too, like Mischa Barton, seem to smoke.”

Doyle believes that when the smoking area, in a converted courtyard to the rear of the club, opens it will mark a “return to the good-old days” of the 1960s when the venue first opened its doors.


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