Four Seasons closes; owner cites smoking ban

George Potamousis said he was sorry to close his Four Seasons Family Dining Restaurant, 1 Sagamore Parkway N. But he said he didn’t have a choice.

“There wasn’t enough business any more,” Potamousis said Tuesday. “I just want to thank my customers. I also had good help there. It just wasn’t enough.”

The restaurant, which sat at the busy intersection of Indiana 26 East and Sagamore Parkway, closed July 22. The restaurant was known by locals for its breakfast menu.

Potamousis said the biggest challenge he faced was Lafayette’s smoking restrictions, which went into effect in Sept. 1. The ordinance bans smoking in establishments unless they cater only to a 21-and-older crowd.

The Four Seasons was a family restaurant.

“That was most of it,” said Potamousis, who also owns two restaurants in the Indianapolis area. “They took a lot of breakfast (business) from us. People would go down the road to bars when they added breakfast.”

Cathy Stanfield, who was a 12-year server at Nirvana/Four Seasons, blamed the sluggish economy on the closing.

“People stopped eating out. They just don’t have any money,” she said Tuesday.

“Many of our clientele were senior citizens. They have been through a lot. They were scared and pulled back.”

She called her customers “my family.”

“It is really sad,” she said. “When the place closed, something inside of me died.”


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