Florham Park smoking ban is absurd

Florham Park is considering an ordinance that would virtually ban smoking in all public places.

This proposed ban is unnecessary and bad for our economy.

I am a small business owner and a Certified Public Accountant. I have practiced my profession for 37 years. I am a former cigarette smoker who quit in 1993 but I still enjoy a fine cigar after my entree and before coffee and dessert. I spend a lot of money dining out several times a week. I appreciate a fine meal and good service. Let us be reminded that there are a number of fine eating establishments in Morris County, outside of Florham Park, that provide me with a choice of where I will dine and where I will spend my money.

I have read about the proposed smoking ban in Florham Park. The proposed ban can be nothing but bad for business and will have no impact on people’s health. This proposal will only alienate approximately 20 percent of patrons, resulting in
a loss of business. It certainly will not increase it. Let’s face it, there are not exactly clouds of smoke hanging over the entrances of Florham Park establishments.

People will not avoid dining at borough restaurants because someone is smoking 15 feet away from the front door but I firmly believe that people will avoid dining at a restaurant if they are mandated that they cannot smoke outside unless
they are 25 feet away. We need to realistic about this.

If this proposal becomes law and is enforced, smokers will simply take their business elsewhere. The thought of banning smoking within a 25-foot buffer is absurd. All this is doing is treating customers without respect. You need to make your customers welcome and to feel at home, not to bully them and become the smoking police.

We all know that there is no health risk from second hand smoke unless it’s concentrated. To state otherwise is simply disingenuous. I completely agreed and welcomed the indoor smoking ban. However, we in Florham Park should be trying to attract customers and clients, not alienating and restricting them. Some people apparently have another agenda.

In this difficult and trying economic climate, passing nonsense ordinances like this is both unwise and unnecessary. It doesn’t solve anything since there is not a problem in the first place. I think that ordinances like this only try to satisfy the whim of a handful of local self-righteous, morally imposing anti-smoking zealots. I find it disturbing and irrational.

Ken Manning is a former Florham Park business owner and a resident of Pequannock.

source: dailyrecord.com

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