Ex-smoker Obama offers tips on how to kick habit

President Barack Obama telephoned Philippine President-elect Benigno Aquino to pass on his congratulations — and offer advice on how to quit smoking.

Aquino said he had a 15-20 minute conversation with Obama, who praised the May 10 elections as a model of transparency and a testament to the strength of democracy in the Philippines.

“At some point, I attempted some humor,” Aquino, only son of the country’s democracy heroine, Cory Aquino, said after a meeting with the Australian ambassador.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

“Mr. President, I understand we have the same issue with smoking. He said: ‘Well I quit that already. It’s your problem. I’m ready to offer advice.'”

Last month, Aquino said he was not ready to kick the habit because it could affect his decision making.

“When I ran, people knew that I smoked,” Aquino said earlier. “I will stop smoking at the appropriate time.”

source: reuters.com

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