Electronic Cigarettes Do What Tobacco Companies Have Refused To Do For The Past 38 Years

In 1999 the BBC reported that Tobacco companies had developed 57 ways to make cigarettes safer but had chosen not to use the technology. Electronic cigarettes appear to have done all of them with their first iteration and only continue to get better.

Online PR News – 10-November-2009 – At the time it was believed that the tobacco companies did not want to market the improvements and make cigarettes safer as it would force them to acknowledge that marlboro cigaretes are unsafe. This was a time when there were a lot of legal cases from cancer sufferers who were blaming the tobacco companies for their bad health and it would prove very difficult to fight against them.

The patents which date back to 1971 range from reducing tar through removing carbon monoxide and polonium (A radioactive compound used to assassinate an ex KGB agent a few years ago in London).

It is widely believed that if the Tobacco companies had acted responsibly over the past 38 years of these patents then we would all be living in a society where Electronic Cigarettes may not even be needed but instead they protected their income and left users to die.

Of course, we can go on and on about it being the users choice to smoke but the fact remains that the users are addicted to the nicotine alone and not the other chemicals which cause all the health problems and this is why electronic cigarettes are proving such a success.

Owner of Cheap Electronic Cigarettes, Michael Kitt said of the report “I honestly find it shocking that the research and development has been available to some of the biggest financial budgets in the world and they refused to act on them purely out of self protection of their cigarette sales.” He added “It is Ironic that pressure group ASH were the people who highlighted this issue 10 years ago and now they fight electronic cigarettes in America which, we believe if nothing else, will eventually be proven as safer than cigarettes. Luckily ASH UK have taken a more sensible approach and have all but backed electronic cigarettes in a recent report.”

It is important that electronic cigarettes get regulated and approved. We have the ability to make them as safe as possible and the slow retraction by the FDA in America in regards to their un scientific and completely biased report, is yet another step proving that electronic cigarettes have benefits in today’s society.

If the majority of users were substituting electronic cigarettes for medically approved smoking cessation devices like gum or patches then maybe electronic cigarettes would deserve to be classified like other nicotine delivery devices. However, the reality is that electronic cigarette users are moving to them because every other type of smoking cessation device has a very low success rate and smokers trying to quit are of the opinion of ‘I know it’s not approved but I need to quit cigarettes and electronic cigarettes can’t possibly be any worse than what I’m already taking into my lungs.’ Electronic Cigarettes are being used because they work and are much more socially accepted than tobacco smoking.

The Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) in America has also been at the forefront of trying to ensure that electronic cigarettes get a fair hearing by the various government agencies required to approve them and recently president of the ECA Matt Salmon recently said via BusinessWire that “Unfortunately, many of the arguments we`ve seen recently against electronic cigarettes have been driven by fear of the unknown, insufficient evidence, political agendas, and ignorance about our members’ products. As in the case of California Governor Schwarzenegger, we`ve found that reasonable people, when willing to honestly and intellectually evaluate the information about electronic cigarettes, find that these products provide smokers a viable alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes.”

Michael concluded “We are pushing for testing and clinical trials to take place for all the electronic cigarette brands available in the UK. NUCIG have already agreed to get independent testing done on their nicotine solution and we are expecting preliminary results form them before Christmas. We are confident in our products benefits’ and honestly believe that it would be a death sentence for many people if electronic cigarettes were fully banned.”

source: http://www.onlineprnews.com

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