Electronic Cigarette Products May Offer a Clean Solution to Many Problems

Electronic cigarettes could revolutionize the tobacco industry in the United States from a number of standpoints, according to one online retailer, E Cigarettes National.

“Think about what you’re dealing with here,” says Tiffany Ellis of E Cigarettes National. “A product that produces no smoke from combusted material, one that would reduce cigarette butt litter to a fraction of what it is today, and one that is a much cheaper and cleaner solution for smokers who are on a budget or want to improve their overall image to friends and family.”

The points seem to be valid ones because of the price point of the electronic cigarette versus traditional cigarettes and due to the greater amount of cleanliness available to e-cigarette users. No more ashes or cigarette butts in the home is a strong motivating factor for some customers, but others are more concerned about the fact that the product produces no smoke.

“Smoke sticks to anything it touches,” says Tiffany. “It sticks to your clothing, your hair, your upholstery in your home and your vehicle… and for many business professionals, appearance and presentation are everything. Smoking is not so much a health concern for some people as it is an appearance and cleanliness issue. A cleaner way to smoke is something that people have been searching for and with e-cigarettes, they’ve finally found it.”

The number of employers who are using the issue of smoking as a reason to refuse to hire someone or allow them to have health care is steadily rising. More and more hotels are offering a disproportionate amount of smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms, sometimes making it difficult for smokers to find lodging when on the road. Some hotels have switched to as high as 90% non-smoking rooms within their establishments and with high fees for being caught smoking in a non-smoking room, some are calling the practice unfair and discriminatory.

“Smokers are continually being discriminated against when it comes to them wanting to do business with someone or purchase lodging for a period of time,” says Tiffany. “Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke and are able to be used in non-smoking rooms without risk of damaging hotel property anymore than the perfumes, hairsprays, and other cosmetic products often used in those same rooms.”

source: prnewswire.com

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