E-cigs are Sold to Minors in Arizona

CBS 11 reporters took a hidden camera and visited several kiosks that sell electronic smoking devices across Arizona and found that the majority of them are selling their products to teenagers without even asking their age.

Ok, everybody knows that electronic cigs are legal, and there are no written age-restrictions for their sales, at least currently. But, scientists doubt their safety for usage by human and particularly kids.

Samir Sabry, proprietor of five e-cigs points of sale across Phoenix claims that his products are very effective for people who are willing to quit smoking.



He added that electronic cigarettes are a way more efficient than other replacement therapies since they not only provide nicotine shots, satisfying the physical cravings, but also trick the mental part of addiction, because they look like common cigarettes.
These devices indeed camel cigarettes in many ways such as appearance, form, presence of mist. However, unlike cigarettes, their electronic counterparts provide many flavor varieties, from menthol to chocolate, which were prohibited in cigarettes on September 22.

Moreover, many e-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine, what, according to public health groups should make them fall under the FDA regulations.

Several months ago, the FDA scientists found toxic chemicals in several e-cigarettes made by various manufacturers. The list of substances included propylene glycol and diethylene glycol, a known carcinogen.

Therefore, many parents do not understand why these products are allowed for sales without any age restrictions, as it is with marlboro cigarette.

Namely, that question Michael Lowden addressed to local Department of Public Health after a conversation with his son Henry, 16, who went for a stroll with his friends.

Mr. Lowden told the reporters his son was very anxious upon returning from a local mall, and explained his father that his friend has bought a cool device that is looking like a cigarettes, but is not hazardous.

Meanwhile, Matt Salmon, ex-Congressman, known for his strains in approval of statewide public smoking ban, and now president of Association of Electronic Cigarettes sellers claimed that the findings of the FDA were not reliable. In addition, he said that the retailers do not sell their
Yet, the reporters discovered just the opposite. Using a hidden camera, they visited a “Smoking Everywhere” kiosk in Phoenix.
Their report was shocking – the salesperson calmly sold the e-cigarette to an adolescent customer, and even told him that the devices are very harmless to him.

The reporters also asked Mr. Lowden to allow his son, Henry, to visit the store and try to buy a devise and several refills. The salesperson helped him to select the e-cig with several chocolate-flavored cartridges. She did not ask either his ID or at least his age.

The reporters reached the manager of the kiosk chain and he acknowledged that it was a terrible mistake and it would not happen again.

Yet, after a while, the same boy returned to the kiosk with a camera hidden in his clothes, and the same person again sold him several cartridges, without any questions.

Many countries throughout the globe prohibited or limited the usage of these devices, but it seems not enough for US authorities to act.

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