E-Cigarettes Under Fire


As more cities ban smoking in restaurants and bars, there is a newer product to the United States that makers claim you can still smoke indoors. It’s under fire from cities across the country, the Food and Drug Administration and a metro parent.

If you’ve been to the mall lately, you may have seen a kiosk selling electronic cigarettes. We’ve found the kiosks at Independence Center and Oak Park mall.

If you walk past the kiosk at Oak Park, a salesperson will ask if you smoke.

At Smoke51 we were shown a product that closely resembled a real cigarette. It comes with a battery and filter and even comes in flavors.

“There’s a heating element that steams water, nicotine, and flavor so you’re going to see me blow out smoke but it’s actually steam or water vapor,” the salesman said.

There are many questions about how this product is marketed.

The Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) tells its members they can’t make health claims, cannot sell to minors, and they should not make cessation claims.

“We do not market it as a smoking cessation device or healthy alternative. We market it as an alternative to smoking tobacco that kills 500,000 people a year,” President Matt Salmon said.

Despite ECA goals, we were clearly told it’s a healthy alternative at Independence Center and Oak Park Mall kiosks by companies that are not part of the ECA membership.

At Smoke51, the owner calls it a “healthy alternative.”

His salesman says, “It’s not harmful to you.”

The salesman went on to say, “You’re getting a cigarette with all the pros and not the cons. It saves your life and it saves your health.”

In Independence Center, the flavors were pushed to a minor we sent to the kiosk.

“Most girls really like it again my wife absolutely loves the blueberry. It gives you Vitamin D and it gives you the exact same thing you get out of a regular cigarette the only difference it’s not killing you,” the salesman said at Smoking Everywhere.

source: nbcactionnews.com

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