E-Cigarettes: A New Way to Quit Smoking?

e_cigarette Smoking is a hard habit to break! As a former smoker, I know this first-hand. So, has relief finally come?

This technology may kill the already under fire tobacco industry. So, sadly, my formerly beloved Marlboro Reds may no longer be around for future generations to enjoy.

It is said that the e-cigarette simulates smoking so well that even lifelong smokers cannot tell the difference. To make this even more crazy, they claim that they will not even experience cravings or a single hint of withdrawal. The tar, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals are gone, as is the pungent, strange smell. However, smokers supposedly get the same satisfaction. These are only a few of the many beautiful things about the e-cigarette.

Another amazing thing about these magical little luxuries is that you can smoke them anywhere (in theory) without harming anyone with second-hand smoke. This includes airplanes, restaurants, and even the movies!

Sadly, multiple pharmaceutical companies are trying to keep this off of American shelves. In 2004, the e-cigarette was invented in China. It includes the following: a rechargeable battery, mini vaporizer, sensors, and small tip that lights up. The refill cartridges look like a cigarette brand. However, at three dollars per replacement, they are half the price of many cigarettes.

Ebay and Amazon both sell these cigarettes. Due to the lobbying from many tobacco companies, they are very hard to find and, sadly, finding them may become even harder.

At a local night club, Wild Bill’s, a few months ago, I actually had the privilege of trying one of these nicotine-free wonders and, quite frankly, it tasted better than a cigarette. My friend’s was watermelon flavored and, although I no longer smoke cigarettes, I definitely enjoy smoking hookahs and the e-cigarette reminded me of that.

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