E-cigarette Consumer Group Promotes Freedom of Choice in Times Square

e-cigarette A new ad has appeared on the CBS SuperScreen in Times Square telling smokers they have a choice. National Vapers Club has furnished this ad and accompanying website in order to raise awareness about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize a liquid — similar to that found in fog machines –that sometimes contains nicotine. They are in danger of being banned in many jurisdictions across the country, including in New York.

Spike Babaian, president of National Vapers Club, says “Without access to e-cigarettes, many of our members may return to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some surveys show that over 80% of e-cigarette users felt that if the product was unavailable they might go back to smoking tobacco.” She also shared “Many of our members quit smoking tobacco because their doctors told them their health depended on it.”

Thousands of electronic cigarette users across the country purchase e-cigarettes from New York companies every day. These companies pay sales tax and support New York’s struggling economy. In a time when many businesses are failing, these businesses flourish.

Many doctors and public health experts feel that e-cigarettes are a safer choice. There is no evidence of harm to public health from e-cigarettes, and indeed more and more data is being released every day that suggests little to no harm. “To put the electronic cigarette companies in New York out of business with no valid concern over the safety of the product is senseless. E-cigarettes are being used as a substitute for combustible tobacco cigarettes, which we know kill millions of people. Why would legislators try to ban this product?” asks Josh Gregory of E-liquid Planet, an electronic cigarette distributor in New York.

In a Federal lawsuit against the FDA, and a subsequent appeal, four judges have agreed that the product posed no immediate health risk to the public. In the original lawsuit, Judge Leon found that “… FDA cites no evidence that those electronic cigarettes have endangered anyone. Nor has FDA cited any evidence that electronic cigarettes are any more an immediate threat to public health and safety than traditional cigarettes, which are readily available to the public.”

National Vapers Club advocates giving adults the choice to use electronic cigarettes if they are unable or unwilling to give up nicotine. The group has thousands of members who are former smokers. Nathan Dunn, a National Vapers Club member, says “Our message is simple: Now smokers have a choice.”

source: www.einnews.com

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