Drug Paraphernalia Charges to Be Dropped Against Tobacco Chain Owner

Prosecutors have agreed to drop possession criminal charges against the owner of a chain of Polk County tobacco stores.

Tammi Siegfried, 35, signed a “pretrial intervention contract” Tuesday to avoid prosecution. She has agreed to stop selling products that sheriff’s deputies said are sometimes purchased by drug users.

Siegfried was arrested last month after deputies seized bongs, grinders, scales and other merchandise from Low Ball Louie’s Tobacco Stores that investigators say were sold for illegal purposes, reports state.

She was also arrested last year in connection with an investigation that targeted illegal sales of an incense-branded product that some buyers smoke like marijuana.

In that case, Siegfried faced several charges, including possession of an imitation controlled substance.

The charges against Siegfried will be dropped under the terms of her contract with prosecutors.

She agreed to pay for an advertisement in The Ledger that indicates the stores will no longer sell “accessories that have become popular with those who abuse illegal drugs.”

The advertisement must also apologize “to the people of Polk County for its past sales of these controversial items.”

She must also pay $20,000 to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for drug education, and $2,000 for investigative expenses.

source: theledger.com

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