Dog gets ill from smoking aunts in ABC’s ‘Middle’

Secondhand smoke

One of this year’s top comedy’s finally has a pet — and boy, does she have troubles.

ABC’s Middle (Wednesday nights at 8:30 ET) has introduced a Basset Hound who developed emphysema after years of living with two chain-smoking elderly aunts.

Frankie, the mom stuck in the “middle” of all the family disasters, takes Doris to her house for a smoke-free environment. Then what? Watch and find out.

Meanwhile, we checked to see if there have been studies done to determine if and how secondhand smoke harms cats and dogs. It doesn’t take a health expert to understand the answer is yes. According to this ScienceDaily story, pets can get various cancers from secondhand smoke. Longer nosed breeds, such as this Basset Hound, have greater chances of getting diseases.


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