Crestview Hills will ask for smoking ban

Crestview Hills City Council will be asking Kenton, Campbell and Boone fiscal courts to pass a smoking ban in indoor public places.

The council passed a resolution urging the fiscal courts to enact the ban at the regular meeting Thursday Nov. 12. The resolution passed 4-3 with a tie break vote cast by Mayor Paul Meier.

The city plans to send the resolution to all three fiscal courts.

“It’s the right thing to do for the public,” Meier said. “Drinking is legal; drinking and driving is not legal. Yes, you have a right to smoke, but you don’t have a right to smoke if it’s going to harm someone else.”

Council member Thomas Moser cast one of the three dissenting votes on council.

“I’m in favor of freedom and not having political people tell people what to do,” he said. “I’m not in favor of politicians telling people what to do on their private property.”

The resolution was passed at the recommendation of the city’s zoning and economic development committee, which hosted a public forum Tuesday Nov. 10 for city business owners and activist groups to weigh in on the issue.

At first the city was considering passing a city-wide smoking ban, but some officials felt a ban could negatively impact businesses.

“Over half of our restaurants are nonsmoking in the town center, so people do have a choice,” Meier said. “In the long run, if we can pass a ban on a regional basis I think it will make us on an even playing field with other areas like Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati.”


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