Crestview Hills seeks smoke-ban views

This afternoon, city officials want to hear what business owners, residents and other stakeholders think about a proposed indoor smoking ban for restaurants, bars and offices.

Crestview Hills economic development and zoning committee will hold at public forum on the issue at 4 p.m. at the city building, 50 Town Center Boulevard.

No decision will be made today. Council Member Dave Kramer, who chairs the economic development and zoning committee, said the meeting is strictly for information-gathering and educational purposes to determine where the city goes from here.

In September, Kramer, a former cigarettes online buy, suggested that city officials consider an indoor smoking ban for public places because of concerns that a vocal minority was holding up adoption of regional smoke-free legislation governing restaurants and other Northern Kentucky workplaces. He says it’s the right thing to do for health reasons.

A month ago, Crestview Hills officials sent a letter to the city’s restaurants, bars and private clubs of the meeting, notifying them of the meeting.

Representatives of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, as well as groups like Northern Kentucky Action, a coalition of health-related organizations that supports an indoor smoking ban in public places, and NKY Choice, a confederation of Northern Kentucky food service owners that opposes a public indoor smoking ban, also are expected to attend.


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