Council snuffs cigar bar concept

Elections have consequences, and one vote makes a difference.

With heavy opposition voiced by Place One representative Bob Allen, Frisco City Council voted Tuesday night to direct staff to drop any further pursuit of a change in the anti-smoking ordinance to allow a cigar bar in Frisco Square.

Allen’s predecessor prior to the May 9 election, Tony Felker, had voiced support for allowing such a personal choice when the matter came before council in April.

With Allen’s lead, council members voted 4-2 to drop the matter. If Felker had not been tipped out of the Place One chair by term limits, chances are he’d have influenced the vote to a tie of 3-3 and Mayor Maher Maso would have voted to break the tie.

Thus, the cigar bar might have made it through in a revision of the smoking ordinance.

“I talked to people since the last time this was up and didn’t find any negative comments,” Maso said prior to the vote. “I think the ordinance could be reopened for this and I think some other holes closed.”

Cigar bar entrepreneurs B.J. Accuardi of Frisco and William Wilkerson of Richardson left the chambers quickly and without comment following the vote.

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