Circumvent Smoking Bans with Electronic Cigarettes


Smoking bans are getting out of control, but the electronic cigarette is quickly becoming the dominant alternative to those who are suffering from them. At one point, you could justifiably expect to be restricted from smoking on public forms of transportation or in your office but nowadays bans are extending far beyond the confines of public buildings. Some North American cities even prohibit smoking in parks or on city streets. So what does a smoker do if they want to enjoy a cigarette but smoking bans prohibit them? Many of them switch to the Green Smoke e-cigarette and enjoy the freedom of smoking everywhere.

In the 1950s smoking was a carefree activity that nobody spent much time thinking about. But as scientific evidence has mounted showing how smoking is harmful to not only the smoker but the innocents breathing second hand smoke as well, governments have run wild banning smoking everywhere from bars and restaurants to almost everywhere. Luckily, electronic cigarettes represent a smokeless alternative that allows smokers the freedom to enjoy their habit in many of the places that actively ban smoking.

With no second hand smoke, the smoking bans do not apply to e-cigarettes. When no thick smoke and toxic smells are released by electric cigarettes, green smokers can finally have their cake and eat it too. And to add a cherry on top of that cake, use coupon code “disc10-1170” when you make your order, it will give you 10% off your new e-cigarette kit.


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