State ban may open up to cigar smokers

cigar smokers State lawmakers are considering allowing an exception to the smoking ban by allowing people to smoke cigars or pipes in designated lounges or shops.

If the bills, proposed in both the House and Senate, passed, customers could light up at the lounges or shops as long as the smoking area is physically separated from areas where smoking is banned. The bills don’t cover cigarettes.

“One thing that’s important for people to understand, there’s a lot of excitement about this, is this isn’t a general opening up of smoking in a large variety of places. It will be very specific places, very narrowly defined,” Dale Taylor, founding president of the Cigar Association of Washington, explained to KTTH’s David Boze Show on Tuesday.

Taylor went on to explain that the legislation means businesses would have to provide physical barriers between smokers and non-smoking areas.

“All you’re doing is making sure there is a physical barrier to make sure you’re preventing smoke from going into other portions of that establishment or any other establishment,” he said.

Washington state banned smoking in public buildings and places of employment in 2005. The ban includes bars, restaurants, cigar lounges, and tobacco shops.


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