Arizona Cigar Company Gets Calls from Illegal Immigration Law Supporters

With all the news about Arizona’s new laws, people are more divided than ever on the issues. Most notably, Arizona now has the toughest laws on illegal immigration in the United States. Not only is Arizona enforcing illegal immigration, but they have been in the news frequently regarding new laws in 2010 including the ability to carry a concealed weapon without a permit and a bill that prevents any presidential candidate from being on an Arizona ballot unless he or she submits an original and verified birth certificate. One Arizona company has been getting a lot of phone calls from around the country about the law and surprisingly most of the opinions are quite positive.

Tex Cigars Is an online retailer of premium cigars.

Tex Cigars Is an online retailer of premium cigars.

Matt Parsons, the General Manager at said, “We’ve been getting calls from people from all over the Unites States. A lot of people are saying that with all the boycotts going on they are buying from us because they want to support the state of Arizona.” The owner of Tex Cigars Inc, Jarrod Smith, said, “I’m quite surprised. I didn’t realize how much attention these laws were getting from outside states and people around the country. You expect people in Arizona to be either for or against these laws, but we’re getting several calls a day from people that want to buy from us simply because we are located in Arizona. We even got one call from Australia.” Though most comments have been supportive of Arizona’s new laws, not all of the customers were appreciative. Mr. Smith commented, “We have a great relationship with most of our customers and though we’ve had some negative opinions we’re not aware of anyone leaving us because of our Arizona location.”

Arizona has been under scrutiny for its illegal immigration law enforcement because some groups say it could lead to racial profiling. This week The City of Los Angeles has boycotted Arizona and Arizona businesses. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said the attempt to harm Arizona for enforcing a law that has been on the books for decades is “misguided” and that she is surprised that Los Angeles would be promoting illegal activity in Arizona. Though the laws are controversial, there are other states like Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Utah planning to follow in the footsteps of Arizona.


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