Cigarette Ads Violate Human Rights: YLKI

YLKI has set out various attempts to block the destructive effects of cigarettes.


The Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) stated that the broadcast of cheap cigarettes advertisements violates human rights due to the fact that Cigarette ads have been manipulative.

“Cigarette ads have empirically offended human rights because they don’t contain clear and transparent information,” YLKI official Tulus Abadi said at a discussion in Jakarta on Monday, September 14.

He also said cigarette ads in various media feature manipulative sides. The information, he continued, did not include the danger of smoking. “I’m not surprised if the Constitutional Court decided to reject the suit. It’s because the information wasn’t clear,” Abadi said.

According to him, YLKI has set out various attempts to block the destructive effects of cigarettes over the smokers. The foundation has also filed a lawsuit against the House of Representatives (DPR) and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Central Jakarta District Court for not ratifying the world’s agreement on the dangers of smoking.

However, the Judges declared the President and the House had fulfilled their legal obligation in protecting the citizens. “The President’s claim saying that he’s performed his legal obligation was an empty claim. There wasn’t any proof,” Abadi said.

He went on by saying, “If they really gave legal protection, the President and DPR should have created a regulation to overcome the danger of smoking. But in reality, that never happened”.

Another attempt that has been carried out to handle the danger of smoking was by proposing the inclusion of picture-based warnings illustrating the hazards of tobacco on every cigarettes online buy pack to the Health Minister.

Earlier, the Constitutional Court rejected the request of National Commission for Children Protection (Komnas Anak) to test the materials of Article 46 Clause 3 Law 32/ 2002 on broadcasting which becomes the legal principle of cigarette ads in Indonesia.

One of the reasons of why the Court rejected the test is because banning cigarette ads is a form of human rights violation. The Court also deemed cigarettes as legal products. Therefore, the airing of cigarette ads must also be seen legal.


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