Cigar Bar topic on council agenda Tuesday

When the Frisco City Council meets tonight, staff again asks for direction in whether or not to prepare a proposed ordinance amendment to allow a cigar bar to open in a building in Frisco Square.

City Council convenes at 5:30 p.m. for their first Tuesday meeting of June. They are expected to adjourn into executive session for at least an hour before reconvening for the public portion of the meeting.

The staff report attached to the agenda at indicates staff has reviewed other jurisdictions for ordinances regulating cigar bars.

If the City Council should direct staff to prepare an amendment to the Smoking Ordinance to allow for cigar bars, staff recommends the following items be included in drafting the ordinance:

1. Specify a minimum percentage of gross revenue fromcheap tobacco products

(exclusive of cigarettes and vending machines) Ten to 15 percent is recommended.

2. Specify a minimum area requirement for humidors of 100 n 200 square

feet. This will assist in freshening the air.

3. Specify a minimum area for the establishment with possible minimum

ceiling heights of 12 feet. Smoke rises, reasons staff, and this will keep the air at breathing level more pleasing.

4. Require separate ventilation and exhaust systems and minimum air

changes per hour. Current ordinance requires four air changes per hour.

5. Require annual registration of “Cigar Bars” with verification of minimum

revenue source requirements.

6. Consider stand-alone buildings or minimum separation requirements from

residential uses. According to discussions before council in May, the subject building in Frisco Square may meet staff’s recommendations.

7. Required interior finish and furnishing requirements to limit absorption of smoke odors. Staff’s review indicates fabrics hold odors while laminates, wood and leather either do not retain odors or do so less.

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