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More students smoke pot than tobacco

Tweet More Ontario students report using cannabis than tobacco, a survey released Wednesday shows. About 21% of Grade 7 to 12 students in Ontario say they used cannabis during the past year, according to the survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The usage was higher among older students; 37% of Grade 12 students reported using pot, while the report called marijuana use among seventh graders as “negligible”. On the othe ... Jump to full article >>

FDA launches teen anti-smoking campaign

Tweet Every day, more than 3,200 kids under the age of 18 smoke a cigarette for the first time. About 700 of those become daily smokers. Those are two reasons, the Food and Drug Administration says, why it has launched a national education campaign aimed at preventing those between the ages of 12 and 17 from trying cigarettes or — for those already experimenting — from becoming regular smokers. “The Real Cost” campaign see ... Jump to full article >>

Illinois sees drop in smoking; tobacco settlement money used for other needs

Tweet PEORIA ā€” Tamerra Henderson-Hightower is almost Richard Pryor-esque when she talks about the painful pockets of her life. She pulls laughter out of the darkest spaces. It’s not necessarily when she talks about the years of child abuse by her father, the years of drug addiction after an uncle introduced her to cocaine, even more years – nine times in and out of treatment – trying to kick the habit. “Don’t get m ... Jump to full article >>

Youth to Youth kids talk tobacco with FDA

Tweet DOVER ā€” Drug and alcohol prevention advocates traveled to Boston last month to represent Dover Youth to Youth on their tobacco prevention tactics. Youth to Youth members Kaitlyn Hutchins and Nick Piscitello spoke at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products on how they are reaching out to their community on tobacco use prevention. The CTP is responsible for regulation of tobacco products and Youth to Youth ... Jump to full article >>

MSU leaders vote to make campus tobacco-free

Tweet Once Montana State University had smoking lounges, professors smoked in class and U.S. Tobacco not only sponsored the annual college rodeo, but handed out free chewing tobacco samples to spectators at the Fieldhouse. Over the last generation, tobacco has been increasingly restricted, and on Wednesday, campus leaders on MSU’s University Council took a historic vote, unanimously endorsing the idea of making the Bozeman campus tobacco-fr ... Jump to full article >>

Rockwood schools meet tobacco-free “gold standard”

Tweet The Rockwood School District has become the first school district in St. Louis County to reach the “gold standard” of tobacco-free policies that are part of the county health department’s federally-financed anti-smoking effort. To obtain that standard, the district has to abide by 40 policies and practices that generally prohibit smoking on school property, enforce the ban on students, staff and visitors, point out smoking ... Jump to full article >>

N.S. targets tobacco

Tweet Dinosaurs covered in ashtrays and a website targeting teenage smokers are the key components of Year 1 of a five-year provincial tobacco strategy released Wednesday. The strategy calls for other types of action later on. They include immediate penalties for retailers who sell cigarettes to minors, persuading the federal government to change tobacco packaging, legislation to back no-smoking policies on hospital and school grounds, and look ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco-funded ad campaign ‘misleading’

Tweet PUBLIC health experts say a campaign that links plain cigarette packaging with children buying ”chop chop” – unbranded loose tobacco – from criminal gangs is grossly misleading and indicative of a desperate industry. The Association of Australian Retailers, which is bankrolled by big tobacco, has been running advertisements claiming children as young as 14 are smoking illegal tobacco smuggled by ”highly organis ... Jump to full article >>

Underage tobacco penalty much tougher than underage drinking

Tweet CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Since the start of 2011, Alcohol Law Enforcement agents have handed out more than 100 citations statewide to clerks selling tobacco products to underage kids. ALE agents say seven of the violations happened at Charlotte gas stations and convenience stores, many of them along Park Road in south Charlotte. The clerks who sold the tobacco products could face a $1,000 fine and possibly 30 days community service. In ... Jump to full article >>

Gurnee Park District to mull tobacco-free policy

Tweet High school students collected 1,087 cigarette butts in 45 minutes at Hunt Club Park Community Center, according to Vidal Anguiano, 18, a Zion-Benton High School student. Anguiano is one of 26 members of REALITY Illinois, a Lake County chapter of a statewide teen prevention program. Anguiano and his fellow club members met with Gurnee Park District commissioners Monday to try to persuade the board to institute a tobacco-free policy. ā€œIā€ ... Jump to full article >>