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British Parliament Votes to Ban Cigarettes With Branding

Tweet The government wants to reduce cigarette sales Cigarette manufacturers in the United Kingdom may be barred from putting their logos on packets by 2016, after an overwhelming majority of Parliament voted Wednesday for the new measure. Under the proposed law, cigarettes sold in Britain would no longer bear logos, trademarks or graphics. Instead, they would be sold in plain, standardized packets listing brand names and health warnings. The mea ... Jump to full article >>

Texting Could Help Smokers Quit

Tweet Those struggling to quit smoking may find that success is just a text message away. A study done by researchers at Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., showed that smokers who used a text-messaging program to help them quit were more than two times as successful at quitting compared to those who did not get assistance from text messages. Text message assistance operates by giving ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco farmers nix plan to reduce crop

Tweet The Central Java administration’s plan to reduce the amount of tobacco under cultivation in the province will hurt farmers, according to a tobacco farming association. The administration previously announced plans to reduce the amount of land dedicated to tobacco cultivation from 45,930 hectares to 26,000 hectares. The province currently produces 39,000 tons of tobacco a year, according to reports. The Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Associati ... Jump to full article >>

Zimbabwe’s tobacco making a comeback

Tweet Zimbabwe’s hopes to return to economic prosperity largely depend upon its agriculture. And right now things are looking up, with a remarkable comeback of the tobacco crop, estimated to be 150 million kilograms, according to the Zimbabwe Standard. Last year Zimbabwe sold 131 million kgs for $360 million. Zimbabwe’s tobacco auctions are in full swing, after a slow start February, with international buyers flying in to buy Zimbabw ... Jump to full article >>

UC system banning smoking from all campuses

Tweet The University of California is banning cigarettes and all other tobacco products from its campuses over the next two years, in a move designed to both protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and prevent young people from developing the bad habit. Students and staff alike will be prohibited from smoking anywhere on a UC campus – including outdoor spaces, parking lots and private residences. There won’t be any designated smoking ... Jump to full article >>

Recent Veterans in College Engage in Riskier Health Behaviors

Tweet College students who have served in the U.S. conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are more likely than their non-veteran peers to use tobacco, drink in excess and engage in other behaviors that endanger their health and safety, according to a study that appeared in the latest issue of American Journal of Health Promotion. “We also found some protective behaviors where veterans showed particular strengths,” said lead author Rachel Widome, P ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco machine ban ‘another blow’

Tweet Since Saturday, the new law has made it an offence for pubs and clubs to sell tobacco products through vending machines, which is to prevent children from smoking. While some landlords have agreed this will deter many young people from smoking, they also say the measure will put people out of work. Harry Cheeseright, of The Old Farmhouse, in Trendlewood Way, Nailsea, said: “The people who supply these machines will probably go out of busi ... Jump to full article >>

Lorillard CEO: No need to venture beyond cigs

Tweet RICHMOND, Va. — Lorillard Inc. CEO Murray Kessler says there’s no immediate need for the cigarette maker to venture into other forms of tobacco like its competitors. In an investor presentation on Wednesday in New York, Kessler said the nation’s third-largest cigarette maker will continue to focus on its core business. Its flagship Newport brand holds about 35 percent of the marlboro cigarette market and about 10 percent o ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette maker Lorillard 1Q profit rises

Tweet Cigarette maker Lorillard says its net income increased 7 percent in the first quarter as it sold more Newport and Maverick cigarettes at higher prices. Lorillard says it earned $248 million, or $1.71 per share, for the period ended March 31. That’s up from $232 million, or $1.50 per share, a year ago. The per-share figure was boosted by a lower number of shares outstanding. The nation’s third-biggest tobacco company says revenu ... Jump to full article >>

Lawmakers advance measure to negotiate tobacco payments with tribes

Tweet A legislative bill calling for the state to negotiate with Native American tribes to make payments on cigarette sales so Nebraska can continue to receive millions of dollars through a national tobacco settlement got first-round approval Wednesday. Senators voted 38-0 to advance the measure, which faces two more rounds of consideration. Since 2003, the state has received $280 million to $300 million from the four largest tobacco companies as ... Jump to full article >>