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Local lawmaker introduces smoking bill

Tweet RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – Smoking while driving with a child in the car could be a thing of the past in Virginia. State Senator Ralph Northam (D-VA), who represents parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, has introduced a new bill in Congress that would subject anyone who smokes in a car with a child inside of it to a $100 fine. A similar bill died in the House last week and most think this bill could suffer the same fate. Pediatricians a ... Jump to full article >>

Is smoking in public still illegal?

Tweet IN February 2004, Uganda banned smoking in public places. This followed the December 2002 High Court declaration that smoking in public places was a violation of non-smokers’ constitutional rights to life and to a clean and healthy environment. The perpetuators were to pay a fine of sh20,000 and hotel owners, who allowed customers to smoke on their premises, would pay sh300,000. However, 10 years down the road what do we see? In places l ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking may take years off lives of HIV patients

Tweet HIV treatments are so effective today that people who are diagnosed and treated early can expect a near-normal lifespan. A new study however finds that won’t be the case if the patient is a smoker. The study, published Dec. 19 in Clinical Infectious Diseases, suggests programs to encourage patients to quit smoking should be integrated in HIV care, according to its authors. “Our findings emphasize the importance of counseling HIV ... Jump to full article >>

Kristen Stewart quits smoking for Robert Pattinson

Tweet Kristen Stewart has reportedly stubbed out her cigarettes for good in a bid to please her beau Robert Pattinson. The reunited pair are said to be trying to get healthy together and after the British actor cut out the cigarettes, his Twilight co-star has apparently followed his lead. An insider told Perez Hilton that the Kristen wants to support her boyfriend and so is quitting smoking too. “Kristen and Rob used to smoke cigarettes togeth ... Jump to full article >>

Could smoking bans be the new indicator of economic growth?

Tweet You might not expect Russia, the world’s second-biggest cigarette market, where 42% of the population smokes, to be thinking of limiting the vice. Yet the country is mulling “smoke-free” measures that would ban tobacco ads, boost taxes on cigarettes and prohibit smoking in public places across the country by 2015. Public smoking bans are spreading in many emerging economies. Cigarette firms could once rely on these markets to prop up ... Jump to full article >>

Vote about tobacco ban on Ohio college campuses planned

Tweet COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio higher education officials plan a vote Monday urging the state’s public campuses to ban tobacco use. That would include Ohio State, one of the nation’s largest universities, which currently bans only indoor smoking. Bans on the use, advertising and sales of tobacco in all its forms are being enacted or considered at perhaps half of campuses nationwide, sometimes over the objections of student smokers, ... Jump to full article >>

New anti-smoking ads are scaring people into quitting

Tweet The CDC here in Atlanta a few days ago issued a news report indicating the new scary non-smoking ad is having its effects on smokers. The ad shows a woman without fingers and a man without his lower legs indicating that these were caused by smoking. Buerger’s disease is a disease caused when the arteries and the veins become blocked and causes infection, which can result in amputation. Virtually, everyone diagnosed with this disease used ... Jump to full article >>

More homes are now smoke-free thanks to cigarette ban

Tweet It seems like a long time ago now, but when the 2004 smoking ban in public places was first proposed, one of the fiercest arguments against it was that more people would resort to lighting up at home. Anti-ban campaigners warned this would lead to children in particular being exposed to more harmful second-hand smoke. But a new study has confirmed what many of us suspected — the ban has prompted people to smoke less in the home. The a ... Jump to full article >>

Victoria primed to ban outdoor smoking

Tweet VicHealth is believed to have called for the move in a report to Health Minister David Davis. Premier Ted Baillieu previously has said he would take advice on smoking in alfresco dining areas from the state’s main health advice authority. Several metropolitan councils have introduced smoking bans at playgrounds and sports centres, but not outdoor dining areas because of stiff opposition from traders and smokers. But the push for a bla ... Jump to full article >>

Scotland delays implementing tobacco display ban

Tweet Scotland has delayed implementation of a tobacco display ban in supermarkets because of a change to the regulations and a legal challenge, the Scottish government said on Sunday. Scotland proposes to make it an offence to display tobacco products in shops so as to dissuade young people from taking up smoking. The Scottish government said it would however increase the area of cigarette storage units that may be displayed after retailers rais ... Jump to full article >>