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Solving the Case of How to Quit: Home Invasion

Tweet “Classification of tobacco as a drug should be avoided at all costs.” 1974 British American Tobacco memo After three tobacco cessation classes, Gulf County Sheriff Joe Nugent was hanging on. So was his staff. He and almost a dozen of his support personnel, investigators and deputies, along with other city and county employees, were halfway through their series of tobacco cessation classes. And they hadn’t lost that focused ... Jump to full article >>

Are black people more likely to be tobacco addicts?

Tweet New research claims that there is a direct link between skin colour and cigarette dependence A new American study claims that higher concentrations of melanin may be placing smokers with darker skins at increased risk of nicotine dependence, than lighter skinned people. Gary King professor of Biobehavioral Health at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, claims that research prove that nicotine has a biochemical affinity for melanin. Speak ... Jump to full article >>