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Cancer case: judge stays

Tweet A NSW Court of Appeal judge has found British American Tobacco caused ”a real risk of a diminution of public confidence in the administration of justice” by attempting to remove a judge hearing a cancer compensation case against it. Upholding the challenge would have created a public perception that the company had ”manipulated the system in the hope of obtaining a more favourable outcome from a different judge”, sai ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco giant bid to oust judge

Tweet THE NSW Court of Appeal has been asked by British American Tobacco to remove a Dust Diseases Tribunal judge from hearing a landmark claim that smoking and asbestos jointly caused lung cancer. The company argued yesterday that Judge Jim Curtis should be disqualified because of a pre-trial ruling he made in a similar case in 2006 about its destruction of documents. The ruling was in an asbestos-tobacco compensation claim brought by a Wollongo ... Jump to full article >>

Medical, or small business?

Tweet Michael Dresden holds high expectations for Washington’s marijuana trade. Dresden’s vision is to use local, sustainable and highly taxed micro-crops of marijuana to eliminate the state’s deficit and fight international terrorism. Despite Dresden’s lofty goals, many may view the twenty-something Vancouver resident as a simple drug dealer with delusions of grandeur. Dresden, whose name and date of birth varied on each of the six Wash ... Jump to full article >>

The Philip Morris Theory of Global Warming

Tweet Damn the facts. Climate change is not happening, just like smoking doesn’t cause cancer. We all know the long history of Big Tobacco and their attempts to kill bans on second-hand smoke and their hire-a-scientist strategy to delay regulatory impact on their pocketbooks. My all-time favorite line: “I got a BA in kicking ass and taking names.” Many of the same people who worked on the discount tobacco industry front shifted ... Jump to full article >>

Echoes of Philip Morris and Hillarycare

Tweet The current campaign to defeat health care reform bears an uncanny resemblance to the one secretly implemented by Philip Morris and its third-party allies in the early 1990s to defeat Hillarycare. I touched on the Philip Morris campaign, briefly, in “The Lie Machine,” but I’ve since uncovered a bumper crop of additional memos from the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library that offer a detailed picture of the cheap cigarette maker’s behin ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco giants ‘feared WA’s lead’

Tweet New research has revealed international tobacco companies feared tobacco controls in Western Australia and closely monitored the state for more than 50 years. In 1998, a legal battle forced four of America’s biggest tobacco companies to release millions of confidential documents. Curtin University in Perth has spent the past two years sifting through more than 50 years of documents. The documents show the companies were deeply concer ... Jump to full article >>

Fewer smokers kicking the habit – despite the NHS spending a record £74m NHS quitting campaign.

Tweet The NHS is spending more money helping people stop smoking – but fewer are quitting, say official figures. The cost per quitter was £219 in 2008/09 compared with £173 in 2007/08 and £160 in 2006/07. The proportion of people successfully quitting last year went down four per cent. But spending went up 21 per cent last year to £74m – not including the cost of nicotine replacement therapy. Latest figures show that – four ... Jump to full article >>

“We need something for people to die,” British tobacco industry

Tweet A 1978 document, recently made known, revealed the sleight used during that time by the tobacco industry of the United Kingdom in order to overcome the crisis in the sector before evidence that cigarettes were harmful: “We need something for people to die,” said the report. According to the consulting agency Campbell-Johnson for the British Association of Tobacco (BAT), tobacco consumption was functional for the Government, due ... Jump to full article >>

Philip Morris involvement in the development of an air quality laboratory in El Salvador

Tweet Background: The tobacco industry has organised research institutions to generate misleading data on indoor air quality, including second-hand smoke exposure and health effects. Objectives: To describe tobacco industry involvement in the organisation and financial support of an air quality research laboratory in El Salvador. Methods: Tobacco industry documents on the internet were systematically searched from August 2007 to February 2008 for ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco: Down but never out.

Tweet The federal government finally will regulate cigarette manufacturing and marketing. That’s long overdue, as anyone familiar with the tobacco industry’s shameful history can attest. President Barack Obama — an occasional smoker who admits that he still struggles daily with his nicotine addiction — signed legislation on Monday that gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authority over the industry. Smoking kills an estima ... Jump to full article >>