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Teens Exposed to Less Secondhand Smoke in Cars

Tweet Secondhand smoke exposure in cars declined among U.S. middle and high school students between 2000 and 2009. The number of young people who reported riding in a car with someone who was smoking cigarettes “within the past seven days” during the study period fell from about 48% to nearly 30% over a 10-year period, a new study shows. This downward trend in secondhand smoke exposure was seen across all ages of middle and high schoo ... Jump to full article >>

Why Pediatricians May Be Best Equipped to Help Smokers Quit

Tweet About one out of every four parents with small children responds to interventions to help them quit smoking, which is slightly better than the one in five parents who would quit without any special help, according to a new study. Researchers say the results should encourage pediatricians to take advantage of their frequent encounters with parents, and try to get them to start a smoking cessation program. “Because (pediatricians) can m ... Jump to full article >>

Homer City mulls tobacco-free zones

Tweet Homer City Council will consider an ordinance that will establish tobacco-free zones within the borough. At Tuesday’s meeting, council voted to advertise the ordinance which would ban the use of all tobacco products at the borough’s parks as well as the municipal building on Wiley Street. The ban would cover both the interior and the grounds of the borough building. The ordinance was written after councilwoman Jennifer Jaworski ... Jump to full article >>

County campaigns against secondhand smoke

Tweet An estimated 4,000 people each year in California die from secondhand smoke, according to Santa Clara County Department of Public Health officials, who kicked off an ad campaign Tuesday to warn people about the dangers of secondhand smoke. The campaign was announced at a news conference April 26 with county Supervisor Ken Yeager and Campbell Mayor Jason Baker, who said that as a father of two kids, he is especially concerned about the impac ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking Ban Could Expand to Greensboro Parks

Tweet A smoking ban proposal could encompass 175 parks and recreational facilities in Greensboro. Smokers could no longer light up legally in any part of the municipal park system under a proposal city officials are considering. If enacted in full, the ban would cover all outdoor areas across a system that encompasses about 175 parks and other recreational facilities, including greenways and trails. Cone Health Foundation recently asked the city ... Jump to full article >>

Montville council votes for ban on tobacco in parks

Tweet Montville, Conn. — The Montville Town Council late Monday night banned the use of tobacco products at all recreational facilities, making it the third community in the state to adopt such a provision. Officials hailed the move as a major public health initiative. It takes effect May 11 and caps more than a year of work by the Parks and Recreation Commission to outlaw the practice. “Kudos to the Parks and Recreation Commission. It’s l ... Jump to full article >>

Most Parents Support Testing Kids for Tobacco Exposure

Tweet If you’ve ever wondered how much cigarette smoke your kids are really exposed to – you’re not alone. A new study led by the Center for Child and Adolescent Health has found that a majority of parents would support testing children for tobacco smoke exposure as part of their primary care visit. Researchers surveyed nearly 500 parents – both smoking and non-smoking – and asked them how they felt about the idea of testing children fo ... Jump to full article >>

Alpharetta considers smoking ban in parks

Tweet Alpharetta is considering a tobacco ban at its six city parks and along its more than six miles of greenway trails. And the City Council appears to be on board. The city’s Recreation and Parks Commission originally proposed banning all tobacco use within 25 feet of organized activities, such as athletic events. But City Council members said at a work session Monday that a complete ban made more sense. Mayor Arthur Letchas said that de ... Jump to full article >>

Council Rejects Outdoor Smoking Ban, Seeks Designated Areas

Tweet OCEAN CITY – Although an outright ban gained little traction at City Hall this week, smokers in Ocean City will soon be requested to smoke in designated areas at public places like the beach and Boardwalk. At a public hearing during Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting, a ban on smoking on Ocean City’s beaches, Boardwalk and public parks was debated. Ocean City’s neighboring resort town, Bethany Beach, Del. is a prime example of the p ... Jump to full article >>

Secondhand Smoke, Lung Cancer, and the Global Warming Debate

Tweet In 1993, the EPA published a report claiming that secondhand smoke (SHS — also sometimes known as environmental tobacco smoke or ETS) causes three thousand deaths from lung cancer every year. Anyone doubting this result has been subject to attack and depicted as a toady of the tobacco lobby. The attacks have been led by a smear blog called DeSmogBlog, financed by the Canadian PR firm of James Hoggan, and have been taken up with grea ... Jump to full article >>