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Clay pipes and the archaeologist

Tweet One of the most valuable features of clay pipes, from an archaeological perspective, is the fact that they can be closely dated. Improvements in technology, the rapid growth of the tobacco trade with the New World, bringing down prices, fashion and taste all worked together to bring about progressive developments in the shape and size of the clay pipe bowl. In 1969 David Atkinson and Adrian Oswald published a typology of London clay tobacco ... Jump to full article >>

Young King Inspired By Time On Conn. Tobacco Farm

Tweet Martin Luther King Jr. could hardly believe his eyes when he left the segregated South as a teenage college student to work on a tobacco farm in Connecticut. “On our way here we saw some things I had never anticipated to see,” he wrote his father in June 1944. “After we passed Washington there was no discrimination at all. The white people here are very nice. We go to any place we want to and sit any where we want to.̶ ... Jump to full article >>

Historic Jeanie’s Smoke Shop reopens

Tweet Jeanie’s Smoke Shop is back in business. The popular downtown Salt Lake City tobacco store that closed its doors in mid-2010 has reopened under new owners Luay Alawi and Raad Alkamel, who vow to maintain the same look and feel of the historic Utah establishment that dated back to the 1940s. “We started thinking about reopening Jeanie’s as soon as we saw the ‘for lease’ sign on the building,” said Alkamel, who, along with his pa ... Jump to full article >>

Miss Boston Tobacco recalls sample days

Tweet She’s the essence of propriety as a criminal case specialist at Quincy District Court, where few would imagine she once reigned as Miss Boston Tobacco. “That was me,” Carol Earley quipped, laughing. “Young and stupid.” Late in her teens, she had been hired by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. to oversee distribution of cigarettes kent online, specifically within the city’s collegiate population. “All the big companies, Lorillard, ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco — Up In Smoke

Tweet The law firm Searcy Denney put a dramatic end to Tobacco’s eight-case winning streak today by reeling in an $80 million verdict in Webb v. R.J. Reynolds, in Bronson, Florida. Although Tobacco has won eight of the last nine cases, on average during that period they now have lost approximately $8M per trial. I was there trying the case with my partner, David Sales. Here are some of my thoughts from “inside” the trial of a tobacco ca ... Jump to full article >>

Last tobacco maker in Petersburg ends local operations

Tweet The city’s last remaining tobacco manufacturing company has closed its headquarters here, moving to the Richmond area and marking an end to Petersburg’s role in an industry that once employed more than two-thirds of the city’s workers. Star Scientific Inc. recently moved its corporate headquarters and sales office from South Market Street to a new location in the Glen Allen area. Fewer than 30 employees were affected, and ... Jump to full article >>

Whistle-blower in Big Tobacco case seeks quiet life in Dunedin

Tweet For more than four years, Merrell Williams spirited away the ammunition that would cripple Big Tobacco. As a paralegal at a Louisville, Ky., law firm, Williams snatched research exposing cigarettes’ addictiveness and potential to kill long hidden by tobacco giant Brown & Williamson. For 40 years, corporate attorneys had contended smoking was safe, and they had never lost a case. But Williams’ damning files showed that execut ... Jump to full article >>

For tobacco states, a change is in the air

Tweet Virginia banned smoking in most restaurants a month ago — and not all of them mind. North Carolina follows suit. The changing face of the Old Dominion can be seen in the stuff Jimmy Cirrito sweeps up off the floor of his bar every night. It used to be cigarette butts — now it’s gum. “I got Nicorette and Bubblicious and green and yellow and purple. It looks like a circus down there,” said Cirrito, owner of Jimmy ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco wins partial victory in Canadian Court

Tweet The Canadian Press reported earlier today that Ottawa has been drawn back into a massive health-care recovery lawsuit after the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled it may share blame with tobacco companies for smoking-related health costs. The decision handed down earlier tiday only gives the tobacco companies a very narrow opening to have the federal government share financial responsibility. But it sets a precedent for similar cases p ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking ban in the name of health

Tweet The editorial, “Start planning now to launch controversial smoking rules” (Nov. 12), properly advises proprietors of restaurants and bars to become familiar with how a new law that eliminates smoking in these venues starting on Jan. 2, 2010, will affect them. It is important to recognize Greensboro, Guilford County and North Carolina have a 20-year, unblemished record of successful implementation of incremental restrictions on s ... Jump to full article >>