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EU anti-smoking effort: Are bigger labels enough?

Tweet Will larger health warning labels on cigarette packets prevent the young from smoking? European legislators certainly hope so. Images of decayed teeth, missing toes and lung cancer have, for some time, been used to try and discourage smokers from lighting up the next cigarette – without much in the way of results. Labels informing users of the potential health hazards have hardly been more successful. With the high-level threshold people ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking Bans May Help Curb Problem Drinking

Tweet Though it initially drove down business, Paul Piccirillo, co-owner of Porky’s Cafe in Shelton, said the state’s ban on smoking in bars was ultimately positive for his establishment. “In the beginning, people stopped coming in,” Piccirillo said. “Now, there’s no difference. It’s definitely more pleasant for the people working in the bar. (And) it’s definitely a more healthy environment.” ... Jump to full article >>

Ohio may ban smoking in cars

Tweet Hoping to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, ear infections, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, and other childhood illnesses linked to secondhand smoke exposure, Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it illegal to smoke in vehicles when young children are present. Some local residents say the bill, recently introduced into the Ohio Senate, is too invasive, while others say it doesn’t go far enough because it ... Jump to full article >>

How To Find Help When Quitting

Tweet Falling off the wagon when trying to quit smoking may not be bad after all. If you’re resolving to quit smoking, doctors say you’re more likely to succeed if you accept the fact that you are likely to fail. “It’s really important not to just quit on New Year’s. If you try it New Years, and by January 7th, you’re smoking again, just try again,” said Dr. Cheryl Healton, a former smoker who is the pres ... Jump to full article >>

Mom gives up smoking for her baby’s health

Tweet The Delta County Health Department has recognized MacKenzy Wells as the most recent graduate of the Baby and Me Tobacco Free program. Smoking increases the risk of low birth weights, and, because the habit can be kicked, pregnant women are referred to the program which includes cessation counseling, support and CO monitoring. If, after random saliva tests, a mother tests tobacco free, she receives a $25 a month voucher for diapers for up to ... Jump to full article >>

Health fears over south Asian people chewing tobacco

Tweet A health drive is beginning to target south Asian people who use chewing tobacco unaware of the risks it poses of causing mouth cancer. Medical staff and specialist advisers are working with Bangladeshi, Gujerati and Pakistani communities in Bradford and Keighley in West Yorkshire. Health officials said 90% of mouth cancers in Bradford were caused by smoking. But “smokeless tobacco” such as paan and niswar also causes mouth canc ... Jump to full article >>

Norway anti-smoking debate puffs along

Tweet Last week’s proposal, leaked by Dagsavisen before Minister of Health and Care Services Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen had even so much issued a statement, called for abolishing smoking in outside serving areas, educational and medical establishments, and entrances to public buildings. The ‘smoke-free Norway’ minister’s measures add to an already restrictive practise of a ban on indoor smoking, tightened sales controls, and other proposa ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco compound seen helping with memory

Tweet Researchers with Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Healthcare and the University of South Florida last week announced they have found a compound derived from tobacco that may help memories of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Cotinine, they say, reduces plaques associated with dementia and prevented memory loss in mice with Alzheimer’s disease. The findings were reported online in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease . “We found ... Jump to full article >>

Lower cigarette tax will cost state

Tweet The cost of cutting cigarette taxes by a dime, as the House of Representative would like, will undoubtedly cost New Hampshire much more than the loss of $9 million in revenue. Encouraging smoking by reducing the cost will pose a significant and long-term health-care cost to the state, especially as it relates to pregnant women and children. Consider that the first-year medical costs alone of a premature birth are about 10 times greater ($32 ... Jump to full article >>

Will Every U.S. State Have A Smoking Ban By 2020?

Tweet ATLANTA — By 2020, every state may have bans on smoking in restaurants, bars and the workplace, federal health officials predicted Thursday, based on the current pace of adopting anti-smoking laws. The number of states with comprehensive indoor smoking bans went from zero in 2000 to 26 in 2010. “It is by no means a foregone conclusion that we’ll get there by 2020,” said Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC’s Of ... Jump to full article >>