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Vote about tobacco ban on Ohio college campuses planned

Tweet COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio higher education officials plan a vote Monday urging the state’s public campuses to ban tobacco use. That would include Ohio State, one of the nation’s largest universities, which currently bans only indoor smoking. Bans on the use, advertising and sales of tobacco in all its forms are being enacted or considered at perhaps half of campuses nationwide, sometimes over the objections of student smokers, ... Jump to full article >>

Why we need a ban on menthol cigarettes

Tweet No action the Food and Drug Administration and the Obama administration could take would do more to save lives, reduce health-care costs and curb the tobacco industry’s exploitation of children and minority teens than to ban menthol flavoring in cigarettes. Consider these findings from a March report by an FDA panel: Eighty percent of adolescent African American smokers use menthol cigarettes. Most adolescent Hispanic American smokers us ... Jump to full article >>

Blumenthal Pushes To Remove Menthol Cigarettes

Tweet HARTFORD,Conn. — U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal encouraged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect public health by removing menthol cigarettes from the marketplace. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee found evidence that tobacco companies often include menthol flavors in their products both to entice certain demographics such as young children and teens to use tobacco, and to make it harder for them to quit. &# ... Jump to full article >>

Shares in menthol tobacco company soar after federal panel’s findings

Tweet A federal panel ruled on Friday that the removal of cheap menthol cigarettes brands from sale would be beneficial to United States public health, but fell short of recommending such action. The chairman of the panel, Dr. Jonathan Samet, professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, said there was a scientific basic to support the proposition that menthol cigarettes were more deleterious than regular ones. The risk, the pan ... Jump to full article >>

FDA considers ban on menthol cigarette sales

Tweet A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel urged a ban on menthol cigarettes because they believe a ban would be beneficial to public health. With their enticing cool and minty flavor, discount cigarettes have emerged as one of the most controversial products made by the tobacco industry. Kids are particularly drawn to them, with nearly 45% of smokers aged 12 to 17 using menthol cigarettes, according to a 2009 National Survey on Drug Us ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco cos: Menthol cigs don’t pose greater risk

Tweet Menthol cigarettes aren’t riskier than regular cigarettes and shouldn’t be regulated any differently, the tobacco industry argues in a report to the Food and Drug Administration. The industry is trying to defend the minty smokes, a key area for growth in a shrinking cigarette market, as the agency weighs whether to ban the flavoring. According to a draft executive summary, the tobacco industry said it believes there’s no ... Jump to full article >>

Teen Use Of Menthol Cigarettes On the Rise

Tweet The use of menthol cigarettes is rising among adolescents and is “very high” among minority youth, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel said in partial draft report released Monday. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee could make a recommendation about whether menthol flavoring should be banned. The panel’s report is due next week. Menthol cigarettes account for about 30% of total cigarette sales in ... Jump to full article >>

New Democrats introduce bill to improve and extend ban on flavoured tobacco products

Tweet OTTAWA – Today Megan Leslie, New Democrat Critic for Health, announced the introduction of legislation, An Act to amend the Tobacco Act (smokeless tobacco and little cigars). Leslie was joined at the launch of her bill by members of Flavour… GONE! a youth-driven advocacy group that was instrumental in the passage of bill C-32 that banned flavoured cigarillos and received royal assent in October 2009. “Bill C-32 was supposed to have ba ... Jump to full article >>

Menthol makes it easier to keep smoking

Tweet WASHINGTON Adding menthol to cigarettes may increase the likelihood of addiction and make it easier for young people to start smoking, according to preliminary findings of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel considering whether to recommend a ban or otherwise restrict menthol cigarettes. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee said the scientific evidence showed that “menthol has cooling and anesthetic effects th ... Jump to full article >>

$10,000 OK’d to fight tobacco aimed at youths

Tweet CLEARFIELD — Countering the tobacco industry’s efforts to market flavored tobacco and nicotine candy products is going to cost the Davis County Health Department thousands of dollars. However, the county is going to be getting a whole lot of funding help from the state. On Tuesday, the Davis County Commission approved a contract with the state health department to receive $10,000. The money will be used for the county health dep ... Jump to full article >>