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Canada Proposal: Warnings on Tobacco Packages

Tweet OTTAWA – Health Canada released larger and more graphic health warnings for cigarette packages last week, part of draft regulations that would require labels and warning to be included on the inside and outside of packs, the Montreal Gazette reports. Twelve new images to cover 75 percent of the outside of cigarette packages were introduced along with eight new health message that will appear on the inside in full color, distinguishing Ca ... Jump to full article >>

City Council isn’t smoke-free, Brooklyn pol Stephen Levin admits

Tweet Smokers actually do have a shaky foothold in the City Council – not that it helps much. After the Council voted, 36 to 12, last week to ban smoking in city parks, beaches and public plazas, the Daily News reported Sunday that one reason could be the lack of smokers on the Council. More than a dozen Council members and staffers said they hadn’t seen a member regularly lighting up in years – though some enjoy the occasional ... Jump to full article >>

Judge says no to smoking in Nebraska cigar bars and hotels

Tweet So long, cigar bars and hotel smoking rooms. Maybe. A Lincoln judge has ruled that certain exceptions to the statewide smoking ban — specifically those that allow smoking in cigar bars, tobacco stores and some hotel rooms — are unconstitutional special treatment for those businesses. The finding likely will be appealed as early as Thursday. “I’m just confident that will be the case,” said Omaha Sen. Scott Laut ... Jump to full article >>

French politicians give Sartre back his cigarette

Tweet PARIS — French politicians on Wednesday voted to overturn rules that saw iconic comedian Jacques Tati lose his beloved pipe and existentialist writer Jean-Paul Sartre ditch his trademark cigarette. A parliamentary commission voted for a bill that would exclude cultural heritage from the stringent health legislation passed in 1991 that forbids any direct or indirect promotion of smoking. Last year posters for a Tati retrospective in Paris ... Jump to full article >>

Ind. lawmakers: Exempt casinos from smoking ban

Tweet INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee plans to exempt casinos from a bill imposing a statewide smoking ban after an analyst said the state could lose nearly $200 million annually if customers can’t smoke at gambling venues. The Health Committee took more than two hours of testimony on House Bill 1018 and then delayed a vote to next week. But Chairman Tim Brown, R-Crawfordsville, said the bill won’t move forward unless the casino exemption ... Jump to full article >>

Cape Girardeau City Council to discuss smoking ban’s casino effects

Tweet The new casino and the proposed smoking ban, two of Cape Girardeau’s biggest issues, are on a collision course, and the Cape Girardeau City Council plans to address them both. However, there may not be much the council can do other than watch the whole thing play out. On Nov. 2, the day Cape Girardeau voters were approving a proposal to allow Isle of Capri to build a $125 million casino, a group of residents were busy collecting enoug ... Jump to full article >>

Tax evasion in cigarette industry reaches shocking levels

Tweet ISLAMABAD: Government has faced a revenue loss of Rs 45 billion during the last six years on account of tax evasion, smuggling and counterfeiting in cigarette industry due to failure of government’s authorities in taking concrete steps. According to industrial data, government had to face a revenue loss of Rs 7.5 billion in the current year, Rs 6.5 billion in 2009, Rs 6 billion in 2008, Rs 5.59 billion in 2007, Rs 5.48 billion in 2006 an ... Jump to full article >>

Ministry to lighten smoking ban

Tweet The Health Ministry is reportedly planning to significantly soften a blanket smoking ban introduced in September following “tremendous pressure” from bar and restaurant owners who claim the changes, together with the impact of the economic crisis, are ruining them. According to sources, the ministry is considering permitting smoking in cafes and bars after 9 p.m. while keeping the blanket ban in place for restaurants. Cafes and bars tha ... Jump to full article >>

Health dept. now can enforce smoking ban

Tweet It’s been four years to the day since Hawaii enacted a law that banned smoking from almost all workplaces, and still the law remains largely unenforced today. In the months leading up to Nov. 16, 2006, the day the law took effect, businesses statewide scrambled to put up signs and move benches and ash-tray covered trash bins 20 feet away from any entrance or window. The penalty for not complying: Hundreds of dollars in fines for business ... Jump to full article >>

Cops to target tourists smoking hookahs, drugs

Tweet PANAJI: Tourists sitting in shacks or strolling on the beach and blowing discoutn cigarette store rings of charas, ganja or tobacco had better beware. North Goa police have initiated a drive in the coastal belt and are booking persons smoking in public places in violation of the provisions of the Indian Tobacco Control Act, 2003, that aims at curbing smoking in public places in order to protect individuals from the hazards of second-hand to ... Jump to full article >>