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Contraband cigs worth RM2m seized

Tweet KOTA KINABALU: City Marine Operations Force (MOF) personnel have seized 176,000 packets of smuggled cigarette worth some RM2 million. A driver of a lorry transporting the contraband cigarettes was detained while another managed to escape during the separate raids at about 9pm on Tuesday in Menggatal. Acting city police chief Supt Ramli Ali Amat told reporters at a news conference here yesterday that during the first raid, a team of MOF per ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking threatens health fabric of society

Tweet THE Consumers Association of Penang welcomes Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai’s recent statement that the Government will fine those caught smoking or possessing illicit or illegal cigarettes in a bid to reduce demand for such cigarettes, leading to a halt of such smuggling and trading activities. Illegal and contraband brands may cost as low as RM2 per 20 sticks pack, while duty-free cigarettes are smuggled by syndicates and sol ... Jump to full article >>

Neb. Lawmakers Mull Collecting Tribal Tobacco Tax Revenue

Tweet LINCOLN, Neb. — A bill that would create a way for Nebraska to collect tobacco tax revenue from Native American tribes advanced Wednesday through a first-round legislative vote. The measure would call for state officials to reach compacts with tribes so they could collect money to comply with a national legal settlement with the four largest U.S. tobacco companies. At stake is $46 million in settlement money for health care expenses. ... Jump to full article >>

Government targets tobacco smuggling

Tweet The government has unveiled the latest step in its plans to help rid Britain’s streets of illicit smuggled tobacco. In addition to a £917m funding boost – which will allow for the recruitment of new officers at both the UK Border Agency and Trading Standards authorities – the government’s refreshed Tackling Tobacco Smuggling (TTS) strategy also outlines plans to reduce traveller allowances. At present the minimum indicativ ... Jump to full article >>

C-Stores Threatened by Swipe Fees, Contraband Tobacco

Tweet Canadian Convenience Stores Association urges members to band together to try to bring about industry change. ONTARIO – According to the recently released annual report from the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA), high credit card transaction fees, contraband tobacco, and regulation abuse are having a severe impact on Canada’s convenience store industry, forcing 350 to close last year, reports. Last year, sales a ... Jump to full article >>

Bringing cigarette-tax stamps back would raise money, fight crime

Tweet Legislators are trying once again to curb cigarette smuggling, both into and out of North Carolina, by re-establishing a stamp on cigarette packs. This year, the odds look better than in the past, and that is good. North Carolina has long had one of the lowest state cigarette taxes. Because of that, organized crime and terrorist organizations have bought cigarettes here and resold them illegally in high-tax states. In recent years, cigarett ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette Smuggling Increases

Tweet More violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers are turning to illegal smokes as a reliable moneymaker. WASHINGTON – Cigarette smuggling is becoming big business for drug traffickers and violent criminal gangs, law enforcement officials and court records show. Contributing to the increase has been the boost in state tobacco taxes across the country. The Mackinac Center for public policy found that 27 states have hiked cigarette taxes du ... Jump to full article >>

Producing safer tobacco critical in capturing foreign markets

Tweet The rapid growth of middle classes in China, India and other countries over the past few years has opened up new markets for Southeastern tobacco. Health problems associated with tobacco use are well circulated worldwide and making tobacco safer is an ongoing challenge for the tobacco industry. China is the world leader in tobacco production and a good example of how the tobacco market is likely to go in the near future. As is the case for ... Jump to full article >>

Violent criminals expand into cigarettes

Tweet WASHINGTON — A recent wave of state tobacco tax increases, designed to pump revenue into cash-strapped local governments, is inspiring an increasingly dangerous cigarette smuggling industry where big profits lure violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers into the booming illegal market, according to law enforcement officials and court records. Larry Penninger, acting director of the tobacco diversion unit of teh Bureau of Alcohol, Tobac ... Jump to full article >>

Inmate allegedly breaks Whatcom jail window to smuggle in tobacco, marijuana

Tweet BELLINGHAM — An inmate in the Whatcom County Jail was charged Monday, April 11, for allegedly breaking out a window in his cell in March to smuggle in marijuana and tobacco. Daniel J. Faix, 26, allegedly broke a 4-inch by 4-foot hole in the window, which is on the jail’s second floor 23 feet above ground. He then fashioned bed sheets into a rope, which he used to bring the contraband into his cell, according to charging documents filed ... Jump to full article >>