Cannes Film Festival 2010: Mick Jagger keeps Rolling

Mick Jagger isn’t getting old – he’s getting better. At the surprise Q&A after the first Cannes screening of “Stones in Exile” Wednesday night, Mick joked about all the marijuana that floats through Stephen Kijak’s one-hour documentary about the making of the 1972 Rolling Stones album “Exile on Main Street.”

“I just saw an article in the paper – people are cooking with it now,” said Mick. “But I wouldn’t recommend singing after davidoff cigarette.”

Still rolling: Mick Jagger at Wednesday's Cannes premiere of "Stones in Exile."

Still rolling: Mick Jagger at Wednesday's Cannes premiere of

Jagger was never much of a druggie, which is one reason he remains eternally youthful. In the “Exile” film, you can see him, some 38 years ago, deftly leading the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band through the recording of what would be a landmark album at a chateau near Saint-Tropez.

I asked him if the breakup of rivals the Beatles had been on his mind then.

“That’s a good question,” Jagger said. “We were a live band. They hadn’t appeared live since 1966. They were already isolated. We weren’t thinking about them. ”

Jagger introduced “Exile” twice last night, first to the press and then to a group that included friends like Harvey Weinstein and Benicio Del Toro. He spoke in French and English. “Richard Nixon was in the White House, Vietnam was going on … and none of that is in this movie!” he said.

P.S. Wait till everyone sees Keith Richards in “Exile.” He was certainly the matinee idol of the Stones. If only he’d moisturized!

Elsewhere in Cannes, much talk about two hot films: “Blue Valentine” and “Tamara Drewe.” A drama and comedy, respectively, this pair should be in awards contention later this year. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are outstanding in the former. Director Stephen Frears has made the latter the feel-good film of the year. On Tuesday, each movie premiered out of contention. But they’re this year’s big winners.

Meanwhile, word is spreading here that Lindsay Lohan is wanted in L.A. by the police. She was here Monday night, carousing with pals and looking footloose and fancy-free. The Mediterranean can do that to you!

A surprising revelation from the film fest: When Madonna appeared in Cannes two years ago at the annual AmFAR dinner, she auctioned off her handbag and generally carried on. It was her first ever AmFAR Cannes appearance, and it didn’t come off well.

Now I’ve learned that AmFAR donated $1 million to Madge’s Raising Malawi charity to get her there, as I report in my column.

AmFAR CEO Kevin Frost says the board approved it and was happy because Madonna’s appearance helped raise a lot of money. But it was three times as much as AmFAR ever has donated to anything. It’s quite a difference from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. It donated $350,000 to AmFAR last year.


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