Bulgarian alcohol and cigarette producers to come under close surveillance


Using open, always-on network connections, Customs officers would be able to inspect the stock-administration of alcohol and cigarette producers at any time, Bulgarian-language daily Standart said.

According to the daily, amendments to Customs ordinances that were currently being discussed would allow Customs officers to verify if accounted production amounts of excise goods and taxes paid coincided with a company’s stock-accounting.

The system, however, could only be implemented if producers would all be connected to the internet and open their administration to the Customs office.

The amendments would also foresee in the introduction of measuring equipment in the production facilities, to give Customs insight into production quantities, Standart said.

Producers claimed the introduction required investment of more than 60 million leva, something most were not able to afford.

A compromise was currently being sought with the help of Financial Minister Simeon Dyankov, Standart said.

source: sofiaecho.com

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