Area high schools’ policies for drug use by athletes

The following rules are taken word for word from each school’s student athlete handbook:

Danbury High School

Mood altering chemical use — tobacco, alcohol, drugs (illegal and non-prescription):

There will be absolutely no use or possession of any quantity of tobacco (including smokeless), alcohol, or illegal/non-prescription drugs, including steroids and performance enhancing substances or supplements, by a Danbury athlete.

High school coaches lament alleged steroid ring, defend their programs

High school coaches lament alleged steroid ring, defend their programs

Any individual who violates this rule either on or off campus will be subject to disciplinary action. Reminder to students: this is a 24-hour rule and extends beyond the school day.


Use, possession or distribution of illicit drugs including anabolic steroids, alcohol, any form of tobacco, drug paraphernalia or the misuse of other drugs/medications will result in a suspension and possible dismissal from the team for the season.

Brookfield High School

The penalties outlined below will take effect upon verification by a school official. In the case of a school suspension, the penalties will take effect after the athlete returns to school from suspension.

The athlete is expected to meet with the athletic coordinator upon his/her return from suspension for clarification of the athletic consequences.

These penalties are applied across an athlete’s high school career.

During the season of participation, an athlete is prohibited from:

  1. Possession, distribution and/or use of alcohol, marijuana and /or other illegal drugs — including anabolic steroids.
  2. Possession and/or use of tobacco (including snuff, chewing and smokeless tobacco).

The use of these substances is detrimental to one’s health and can adversely affect personal and team performance. This behavior is not permitted in or out of school for participating athletes.

Ridgefield High School

All athletes participating in any sport at Ridgefield High School are to be chemical free. Participation in high school athletics is a privilege and not a right.

The following Athletics Training Expectations are in effect during an athlete’s season of play beginning with the first day of practice. Student athletes will be held accountable for these expectations on or off campus, 24/7.

An athlete is prohibited from the use, distribution or possession of the following: tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. Performance enhancing substances (e.g., anabolic agents, diuretics, peptide hormones, analogues and any other substances identified as banned by the NCAA and the USOC).

Newtown High School

Student athletes will be subject to board policies, NHS administrative policies, disciplinary actions and suspension or removal from an athletic team for the possession, use, dispensing, sale or distribution, aid in the procurement, under the influence of:


Illicit drugs

Mood altering or controlled substances


Anabolic steroids

Hormones or analogues


Performance enhancements

Any substance purported to be a restricted substance

New Milford High School

Students are expected to understand that the use of alcohol, substances, and tobacco (of any kind) is strictly prohibited at anytime, anywhere.


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