Anti-Smoking Groups Attack the Electronic Cigarette

COLLEYVILLE, TX, November 01, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — What started as a noble cause with lobbying groups like the American Cancer Society, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, is now morphing into a multi headed monster as they became a victim of their own success. Both have campaigned and succeeded in getting stricter laws on drunk drivers and smoking which most all of us applaud. They don’t seem to be satisfied with just protecting the victims any more. They are now taking aim at personal freedom as they move to control your behavior even when your behavior in public or private is not harmful to anyone else.

The original case for the smoking bans was to lower smoking rates, to protect people from the effects of second-hand smoke and to promote public health. Enter the electronic cigarette, an amazing device that aligns with the needs of the smoker and lives up to the demands of the anti-smoking organizations.

An electronic cigarette or “e-cigarette” is a battery-powered alternative that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution. When you make the switch to an e Cigarette you are really vaping instead of smoking. It gives the user the physical sensation and nicotine hit that smokers crave without tobacco, smoke, or the combustion. It should be a real crowd pleaser to all non-smokers. But it isn’t.

Several anti-smoking groups are going after this product to be included in bans instead of embracing it as a better product than tobacco cigarettes. These groups may be following the misguided propaganda being put out by special interest organizations that have an allegiance to the big business of pharmaceuticals and tobacco. The electronic cigarette produces no second-hand combustion smoke because there is no combustion. The tobacco companies don’t make e cigarettes and probably don’t care much for their existence.

This unconscionable behavior from “people who are supposed to care” makes Kyle Newton, owner of, take a step back in disbelief. “I lost my mom, her sister and my grandmother to cigarette related deaths within the last six years. I just wished e cigarettes could have been available a long time ago. If I didn’t believe in this product, I wouldn’t be so adamant about promoting it.”

One organization that shows no particular allegiance to special interest money is Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). In their October 2009 briefing, ASH in the United Kingdom released a favorable position on electronic cigarettes which is the exact opposite position taken by a few the control groups in the United States.

ASH’s UK Position on E-cigarettes
“ASH supports a harm reduction approach to tobacco, that is, we recognize that whilst efforts to help people stop smoking should remain a priority, many people either do not wish to stop smoking or find it very hard to do so. For this group, we believe that products should be made available that deliver nicotine in a safe way, without the harmful components found in tobacco. Most of the diseases associated with smoking are caused by inhaling smoke which contains thousands of toxic chemicals. By contrast, nicotine is relatively safe. Therefore, e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, are likely to be a safer alternative to smoking. In addition, e-cigarettes reduce secondhand smoke exposure since they do not produce smoke.”

Right now the fate of the electronic cigarette is in the hands of a federal judge for a ruling on who has regulatory authority. The electronic cigarette has been around several years without any reports of harm attributed to its use. The elimination of electronic cigarettes as a choice for smokers would be the death sentence for millions. I would hope that common sense would prevail in deciding which product is less harmful and the opponents of this product would reflect on the magnitude of deaths the that will be on their hands if smokers’ are only given one choice.


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