Altria’s Companies Launch Consumer Voter Education Campaign

With an eye on the upcoming elections on November 2nd, Altria’s tobacco operating companies have launched a voter education and awareness campaign for their adult tobacco consumers.

Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company and John Middleton will each be reaching out to many of their adult consumers stressing the importance of voting and encouraging them to make their voices heard on November 2nd. These efforts are designed to help adult consumers register to vote and participate in the fall elections.

According to Bruce Gates, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Altria Client Services, “We’ve heard from adult consumers that they want to get more involved in shaping the political environment by joining with others across the country – many of whom are becoming politically active for the first time.”

Adult consumers can go to, which includes user-friendly information about every state’s voter registration process, polling locations, and candidates for state and federal offices.


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