Do e-cigarettes help people quit smoking?

Tweet A new study suggests that e-cigarettes don’t actually help people to quit smoking, but its authors have raised doubts about their own research. Nothing quite divides anti-tobacco advocates these days like the debate on whether e-cigarettes can actually help people quit. So a study like this one from the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education is bound to draw attention. The science on e-cigarettes is still young, adding to the c ... Jump to full article >>

More money needed for smoking prevention

Tweet One of the most effective ways South Carolina could improve the health of its residents would be to help them quit smoking or prevent them from taking up the habit in the first place. But the state spends almost no money to do that. Anti-smoking groups are upset at the fact that, of the $68 million the state receives from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, not a penny goes to smoking cessation or prevention programs. The anti-smoking ... Jump to full article >>