Kristen Stewart quits smoking for Robert Pattinson

Tweet Kristen Stewart has reportedly stubbed out her cigarettes for good in a bid to please her beau Robert Pattinson. The reunited pair are said to be trying to get healthy together and after the British actor cut out the cigarettes, his Twilight co-star has apparently followed his lead. An insider told Perez Hilton that the Kristen wants to support her boyfriend and so is quitting smoking too. “Kristen and Rob used to smoke cigarettes togeth ... Jump to full article >>

Prices will only go up, so quit smoking now

Tweet Did you read last week’s news about women and smoking and how if you quit now, even after years of smoking, you could dramatically reduce your risk of premature death and all kinds of awful debilitating diseases that are attributed to smoking? It should be good news for smokers to see this well-publicized study, which said that if you quit before age 30, you could avoid as much as 97 percent of the risk, and if you quit before 40, you cou ... Jump to full article >>