Smoking Bans May Help Curb Problem Drinking

Tweet Though it initially drove down business, Paul Piccirillo, co-owner of Porky’s Cafe in Shelton, said the state’s ban on smoking in bars was ultimately positive for his establishment. “In the beginning, people stopped coming in,” Piccirillo said. “Now, there’s no difference. It’s definitely more pleasant for the people working in the bar. (And) it’s definitely a more healthy environment.” ... Jump to full article >>

Pricey transit, outdoor smoking and ballot privacy: Opinion roundup

Tweet Voters in Colorado, like those in Oregon, will soon decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. But ganja use isn’t the only vice receiving editorial page ink these days. The Denver Post is urging Boulder City Council not to ban cigarette smoking over a several block area downtown, reasoning that it’s a legal activity that doesn’t necessarily harm others when done in the open air. By contrast, Boulder’s paper, The D ... Jump to full article >>